Sold Huacaya

 Alpaca NameColorHeritageStatusAgePrice 
 A.L. Paca's Milky Way GalaxyWhiteProven11Sold 
 A.L. Paca's RevlonDark Rose GreyProven11Sold 
 A.L. Paca's Sheer InsanityLight FawnProven10Sold 
 A.L.Paca's KingscliffLight BrownProven12Sold 
 AspenglowWhite3/4 PeruvianProven12Sold 
 Brookhollow's DelilahMedium FawnProven11Sold 
 Canadar's Royal HighnessWhiteFull PeruvianProven11Sold 
 CCAP Carmel CreamLight Fawn7/8 PeruvianProven9Sold 
 CCAP JasmineMedium FawnProven7Sold 
 Clearview's Macy MaeBay BlackProven10Sold 
 CliffLight BrownUnproven1Sold 
 Crescent Moon's EveWhiteProven3Sold 
 Crystal Spartan's SedonaTrue BlackFull PeruvianProven3Sold 
 Daphne DelilahLight Fawn7/8 PeruvianProven12Sold 
 ELK EmbersDark BrownFull PeruvianProven11Sold 
 ELK Ferrari's Just for KixWhite, Bay Black7/8 PeruvianProven6Sold 
 ELK Man in Black's PomPomMedium Brown3/4 PeruvianProven9Sold 
 ELK Matrix's Gold AlertMedium Fawn7/8 PeruvianProven8Sold 
 ELK MIB's Black StormTrue BlackProven9Sold 
 ELK PiperMedium BrownFull PeruvianProven12Sold 
 ELK Royal TrinketTrue BlackProven9Sold 
 ELK Titan Clash's DeluxeMedium FawnFull PeruvianProven10Sold 
 FBF AbinaWhiteFull PeruvianProven9Sold 
 FBF AnabelleMedium BrownFull PeruvianUnproven2Sold 
 FBF ArchibaldBeige3/4 PeruvianUnproven9Sold 
 FBF CallaWhite1/2 PeruvianProven9Sold 
 FBF Crowned JewelWhiteUnproven2Sold 
 FBF GraceMedium FawnProven8Sold 
 FBF HarleyMedium FawnUnproven6Sold 
 FBF Legacy of Prince PhillipWhiteFull PeruvianProven5Sold 
 FBF LeilaniDark BrownFull PeruvianUnproven3Sold 
 FBF Lucky PennyWhiteUnproven2Sold 
 FBF Lucy in the Sky with DiamondsDark BrownUnproven5Sold 
 FBF Machito's Secret WeaponLight FawnUnproven4Sold 
 FBF Maid of HonorWhiteFull PeruvianUnproven2Sold 
 FBF Matrix's MatildaLight FawnUnproven6Sold 
 FBF Maybe it's MaybelineLight Rose GreyUnproven2Sold 
 FBF Mel BTrue BlackUnproven2Sold 
 FBF Morning GloryWhiteUnproven5Sold 
 FBF NewtonWhiteFull PeruvianUnproven8Sold 
 FBF OpheliaWhiteProven4Sold 
 FBF PatienceDark BrownFull PeruvianUnproven4Sold 
 FBF PhoenixDark FawnUnproven1Sold 
 FBF PrudenceLight FawnFull PeruvianProven5Sold 
 FBF Pure PerfectionMedium FawnUnproven2Sold 
 FBF Rising Sun's KiranMedium BrownUnproven7Sold 
 FBF Rising Sun's TemperanceLight BrownProven7Sold 
 FBF Ritz "n" GlitzMedium FawnFull PeruvianProven3Sold 
 FBF SamsonBay BlackUnproven8Sold 
 FBF Sheer LuminenceWhiteFull PeruvianUnproven8Sold 
 FBF SkittlesWhiteUnproven2Sold 
 FBF StellaMedium BrownFull PeruvianUnproven4Sold 
 FBF Titan's Clash's JeffersonWhiteUnproven8Sold 
 FBF TivaWhiteFull PeruvianUnproven7Sold 
 FBF TrufflesWhiteUnproven2Sold 
 FBF Willow RoseWhite, Bay BlackFull PeruvianUnproven9Sold 
 FBF ZirconMedium FawnUnproven1Sold 
 FBF ZoeWhite, Dark Fawn3/4 PeruvianProven10Sold 
 FBF ZoriahMedium FawnProven5Sold 
 Ferrari's SavanahLight FawnFull PeruvianProven6Sold 
 GGF Accoyo Bentley's OrabellaMedium FawnProven5Sold 
 GGF Precious' AlipiaMedium FawnFull PeruvianProven4Sold 
 Glacier Greystone Alpacas SnowcapsWhiteNon-Breeder8Sold 
 Golden Myst of FBFLight FawnUnproven4Sold 
 HDW's RavenBay BlackFull PeruvianUnproven3Sold 
 Ion's MorganDark Brown3/4 PeruvianProven13Sold 
 Kaycea of GGSWhiteFull PeruvianUnproven7Sold 
 Ketu LegacyMedium FawnNon-Breeder10Sold 
 Lily of AVAAWhiteFull PeruvianUnproven5Sold 
 LondonDairy Bit of HoneyMedium FawnFull PeruvianProven7Sold 
 LondonDairy Spectacular BidMedium FawnProven7Sold 
 Majestic Peruvian DeliaDark FawnFull PeruvianProven6Sold 
 Matrix Trinity of FBFWhiteFull PeruvianProven8Sold 
 NWA - OAR TruvaWhite3/4 PeruvianProven13Sold 
 NWA, LTD K-2's PromiseDark FawnProven12Sold 
 NWA, Ltd NastiaWhiteFull PeruvianProven11Sold 
 Ophelia's male cria 2018Light BrownFull PeruvianUnproven1Sold 
 OTRA Black Storm's RemingtonWhiteUnproven4Sold 
 OTRA Black Tie AffairTrue BlackFull PeruvianUnproven4Sold 
 OTRA Josephine BakerMedium FawnFull PeruvianProven5Sold 
 OTRA Lucky CharmMedium FawnUnproven3Sold 
 OTRA Rumm ChataDark Rose GreyUnproven3Sold 
 OTRA Runner's Shock TopMedium BrownFull PeruvianProven5Sold 
 OTRA SophieMedium Brown7/8 PeruvianProven7Sold 
 OTRA TinkerbelleLight FawnProven6Sold 
 Robino by Macho CamachoWhiteUnproven1Sold 
 Snowmass Kahuna SunriseMedium BrownProven7Sold 
 Snowmass Peaking InterestMedium Fawn5/8 PeruvianUnproven3Sold 
 Snowmass Wedding GraceWhiteFull PeruvianProven7Sold 
 Sora of FBFBeigeProven9Sold 
 Superstar's Pamala of RobAsiaBeigeProven10Sold 
 THA DuchessWhiteFull PeruvianProven14Sold 
 TuyeeWhiteFull PeruvianUnproven8Sold 
 Tyia of GGSLight FawnUnproven6Sold 
 Windsong of Foggy Bottom FarmsWhiteFull PeruvianProven10Sold 
 XANADU's FirepowerMedium FawnUnproven1Sold