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I would love to tell you about how wonderful it is to be mentored by Foggy Bottom Alpacas and Over the Rainbow Alpaca Ranch.  We make it a point to attend all the events and classes at their farm because it is such a learning environment.  Mark, Barb & Sara are all so fun to work with and never hesitate to take the chance to teach us something new, especially with each new situation we faced in the first two years of having our animals on the farm with us.  In fact, when we have a situation, we call Sara first, she usually can tell us what we are up against and then we can decide if it something we want to learn or call the vet to do it for us.  They were there for us for all the “firsts” and having them there replaced any kind of fear we may have had with confidence that we could do it.   Sara was instrumental in helping us take our breeding program forward by hosting fiber classes and teaching us how to make good herdsire/dam matches based on fiber criteria which resulted in three beautiful female crias this year and we are on track for seven crias in 2013, and I can’t wait to see the results.   We have been working with them for two years now and could not be happier about our decision to purchase one of their fine herdsires.   My love and passion for these animals increased tenfold with their mentoring and we are looking forward to long career in the alpaca industry.  Thanks for everything you guys!!

Susan Campbell
Ken Mariette
Wildflower Alpaca Farm

Updated June 28, 2018